Friday, October 25, 2013

Blogging for a living, caring for a disabled spouse - never meant to be easy, but I do it.

Blogging for a Living

We are still going to be blogging here on Deep-Fried but at this time the revenue from the ads here is just not meeting what we need to pay the bills. Even with over a 200 page hits a day we averaged less than 0.5% of those visitors clicking on an ad. That really hurts when the amount for each pay-per-click is really low. Granted, we could do with a lot more content and try to expand our reader base but, when its just 2 of you writing, it's hard to keep up on everyday news items and put the content out.

Being dependent on this type of revenue is not for everyone but in our situation it is currently the only feasible way I can go to school and be home to care for Tweenky as needed. There is also a 70% chance every day that Tweenky is having a bad day and requires more care and looking after than other days. So having a "regular" job is impossible. I hope that when I finish school I will have the skills needed to do more home-based work.

Caring for a Disabled Spouse

For those of you that have met us, you have seen Tweenky on her good days but that is not always the case. Going to an event is a risk and we may miss more than 50% of the event for various reasons. Getting up early is a struggle everyday so we will miss almost all meetings before 2 pm. Being able to say we went and made it to some of the meetings is an accomplishment nonetheless.

When we have a good day, we take advantage of it. We make the best of every day that we can and try to share something on the blog, talk about a bad day, good day, anything. First though, we take care of ourselves so as not to burn out.

Some good days are just the two of use lounging about, talking, reading, watching a movie, cuddling in bed. Then there are the good days that we catch up on the news, add blog content, suffer through a Fischer video and report on it.

On bad days, those are the days I wish on no one - not even my worst possible enemy. Bad days are almost expected daily and can range from a mild event to an almost complete total meltdown. They are taxing on both of us. Sleep is irregular at best and naps can only do so much.

There are days when Tweenky does good to get up and stay awake for more than 2 hours only to crash and sleep for 8-12 hours more. Part of this is due to the medication but I think a larger part of this is due to the vivid dreams she has nightly. They are so real and physically exhausting that she wakes up even more fatigued than she was when she went to sleep the night before. This only creates a snowball effect and she eventually crashes for 16-24 hours of sleep. Even then she is plagued with vivid dreams but hopefully she gets some quality rest (if you can call it that).

Life as a Caretaker and Blogger - Never Meant to Be Easy, Was It? 

We hope to get back into a better routine of putting out content but with me going to school now it has been a struggle to do it all. Caring for Tweenky is my priority every day, school a close second, and then hopefully everything else falls into place. Unfortunately, that can mean that blogging as much as I need to doesn't make it into the daily list of things that need to be done.

It is really a double edge sword: we need to blog to get the traffic to the site to in the hopes that you click on an ad on the page but putting out meaningful content comes first. I have invested some time into an online business as well but that will take time to get the traffic and sales needed to start seeing an income from it. In the mean time we are going do our best to put out content here.

If you have something you would like us to cover, by all means leave us a comment below. Some days it can be a struggle to find a subject or content worth blogging about.