Thursday, August 9, 2012

An Invitation to All Persecuted Mississippi Christians

I read today's letter to the Daily Corinithian with great interest. Donny H. Davis of Rienzi laments the divisions between Christian denominations and encourages all Christians to band together against "the Enemy." This isn't altogether odd except that when he says "enemy," he isn't just talking about Ol' Nick (Satan). He clearly describes two kinds of enemies who are taking over America and persecuting Christians:

1. Those who "seek to destroy Christianity."

2. The government who has sided with #1.

According to Davis, anyone who practices a different religion from Christianity is an anti-christ and, therefore, an enemy of Christians. That means the American government and every single American who dares not to be Christian is an anti-christ and an enemy. Strong language, eh? Davis fears that a day is coming where Christians will be thrown into American prisons if they don't band together now and ... what exactly he hopes to accomplish is a thing of my nightmares, I guess.

So here's my open invitation to the poor persecuted Christians of Mississippi:

Please post comments here and tell us about the time you were fined or jailed for going to church. Tell us about the time your church was fire-bombed or some non-Christian came in and started shooting. Tell us how federal agents burst into your home and arrested you for praying. Tell us how groups of vigilante atheists, Muslims, Jews, or Buddhists dragged you out of your house and beat you in front of your wife and kids. Tell us how you were denied a job or refused a promotion because you dared to admit that you're a Christian. Tell us how vandals spray painted graffiti on your house and broke out the windows because your religion is so unpopular. Tell us about all the death threats you've received because you had to file a lawsuit preventing the local school from forcing your kid to face east and pray toward Mecca. Tell us your stories.

Oh wait, you can't do that because you're all lying sacks of whining crap. You have an undeniable position of privilege and power in the United States, especially in the South. You've never had to worry about anything on a Sunday more than whether or not there would be fresh food still out on the buffet if the preacher went a little over noon. You've been petted and pampered by our culture with undeserved deference, tax breaks, and boons yet you dare to call yourself persecuted.

Your brothers and sisters overseas who are busting their asses to spread the gospel put you to shame. They are in foreign countries suffering from disease, hiding in basements to study the Bible, and running from bombs yet you think that somehow you should get to play the martyr instead. You're a real piece of work and your attitude disgusts me.

We non-Christians don't want to take over the world and wipe out Christianity. We just want equal rights to practice our beliefs (or not practice any belief). We want equality - not superiority. But I suspect on some level you already know that. You just can't stand the idea of living in a world where not everyone is just like you.

So for all the Donny Davises of the world, listen up: the next time you want to cry persecution and play the martyr, take a look at the picture up there of that little girl. She was burned in a fire-bombing because she's a Christian. What the fuck has happened to you lately?