Saturday, November 10, 2012

Skepticon 5 and looking forward to SK6

As some of you may have heard late last week we got notified that Skepticon 5 was in jeopardy of not having enough money to finish paying for the room at the expo center. Word got out and JT Eberhard said "if everyone that was registered (1,200 or so people)  just gave $5 ea they would meet their goal."

Well guess what? We met that goal and then some in less then 32 hours time. It was amazing and the response was astounding to say the least. But it was something that we can help make sure never happens again. As a group and all our connections we have online and in real life, we can make this event never have to worry about last minute money issues.

OK here is "our"(DFFT) dedication to the Skepticon event from here forward. We will be producing a SK6 Donation page with "Steg" buttons, with the help of Katie Hartman (Thank you), on the side column here that will collect money all year. All donations go directly to the Skepticon event. This collection will be used to help pay for the venue, help those in need to make it to the event and any other need as they see fit.

We have been meeting people all weekend and plan to introduce them to our goal below and ask them for some support in raising awareness and promoting the cause henceforth.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to raise at least $12,000 for next years event.

If 10% of you that attended this years event donated just $10 a month to the cause we could raise well over $14,400* in time for Skepticon 6. What an accomplishment that would be for everyone all around.

*(Arithmetic ya gotta love it. This was based on 120 people donating $10 per month for 12 months)

This is a wonderful event and it needs to remain free to everyone but it can not do so without our help along the way. Please help us in our goal and commit to a monthly donation of at least $10 a month.

Endorsement sent by Jeff Markus from Skepticon

If you would like to help  then please visit this page here 

We will be also setting up a separate fundraiser to raise money for Mississippians to come to this event as well. Find or message me if you want to help out or are apart of the SSA in MS.