Friday, April 12, 2013

Remembering the Satanic Panic - He Man

Many of us who grew up during the "Satanic Panic" saw everything we loved as children derided, vilified, and condemned as evil. Certain movies were off limits because the local AFA station warned that they contained witchcraft that was cleverly packaged to entice kids. Certain cartoons represented the occult or communism. Certain music encouraged kids to worship the devil and cast spells.

It might be easy to laugh off those days but we still have those people among us: people who burn copies of Harry Potter and demand that schools remove certain books from the library. There was also real damage done to a lot of innocent people who were accused of molesting children and sacrificing them to Satan.

Lest we forget our past, I'd like to present a small series that will remind us just how powerful these fearmongers can be. For today's consumption, I give you: He Man.

From the 1984 hit "Deception of a Generation:"