Monday, July 22, 2013

2013 "Beat the Heat" Update

Good news and bad news, folks! We've successfully raised enough money to buy the special air conditioner/heater combo unit. It arrived on July 12th and the family is enjoying it. I'm hoping to get a picture soon to share with you all.

The bad news is that we are still about $600 short of our goal to buy 5 or 6 regular A/C window units for families here in Mississippi. July is almost over and August is looking to be incredibly hot. Many of our poor and disabled people cannot afford to replace broken air conditioners. Others are living with only box fans and open doors for circulation.

There is still time to help! Even the smallest donation helps us bring relief to a family in need. Please consider helping us by donating or spreading the word. And to those who have already donated, thank you so much!

When the event is over, I will write a final post that will provide pictures and a full accounting of the funds.