Sunday, July 22, 2012

Beat the Heat Update

We've run our "Beat the Heat" fundraiser for about 10 days now and the response has been incredible! We've raised over $800 to buy air conditioners for needy families in the Northeast Mississippi area and we're about to make it happen. Within the next few days, we intend to purchase the air conditioners and get them installed in the homes. As promised, we'll post the receipts and whatever photos the families will allow us to take.

By no means is this campaign over. August will probably be just as hot and horrible as July so we're going to keep this fundraiser going for anyone else who wants to contribute. No amount is too small! Even if we don't raise enough for more air conditioners, we can use the remainder to buy energy-efficient light bulbs for these homes that will reduce heat output and energy costs. We are also looking at sharing other energy-saving ideas with these people so they can maintain the benefits that we've helped them start.

Please, if you haven't done so, consider helping the people of our area. And if you cannot donate, spread the word for us. Our local churches are busy looking to the skies and praying for rain. We want to be the helping hands that make the difference instead. Thank you.