Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nothing Rakes in the Cash Like Prayer

It's that time again! Time for Don Wildmon and the AFA to start raking in the cash off their feel-good, do-nothing, overpriced buttons.

Our children and grandchildren will be paying for our collective sins their entire lives if we don’t change directions quickly. We are facing the most critical and important election this nation has ever faced.

What is the solution? Button-based prayer!

Would you be willing to endorse I PRAY FOR AMERICA; to promote it in the circles where you have influence; ask others to participate and promote I PRAY FOR AMERICA?

If only we had truth-in-advertising laws. Then it might read more like: Would you be willing to buy our buttons and pester your friends and family until they buy our buttons too? But wait! They are also available as bumper stickers too!

I PRAY FOR AMERICA requires no meetings, no travel and no budget, only a prayer to a merciful God to forgive and heal our land.

Actually, it does require a budget. It requires that you buy the bumper stickers (10 for $10) or buttons (10 for $12) so you can signal to the rest of society how morally superior you are.

Ask your pastor to urge participation by your church members. Ask a Sunday school class to promote it in your community.

Push our merchandise, dammit, or else you're unpatriotic and unAmerican! Oh, and Happy July 4th.

Here's a thought. How about quit wasting your time and money on prayer and actually do something. Pick up a book and learn something new. Go volunteer your time at shelters or soup kitchens. Start a meetup group in your area to address local challenges. Do anything except put a ratty-ass bumper sticker on your car to glorify yourself.

Do it to help your country and to make Don Wildmon sad. What other reasons do you need?