Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Reason in the Rock 2013

After enjoying the event at Skepticon 4 a group of people from Arkansas decided they wanted to put on a conference as well. Something the South desperately needed and a chance to get liked-minded individuals together to share ideas and stories.

Well I'll just let Anne tell it:

"Secularist issues. Promotion of science education. Humanism. Skepticism. Critical thinking skills. Protection of the separation between church and state. Reason. Tolerance.
Within a few weeks, we had a name for our pipe dream and a few speakers had agreed to attend. Seth AndrewsLauren LaneJerry DeWittAronRaTeresa MacBain. And some guy – from right here in Arkansas! – who has a great blog" - Anne Orsi on WWJTD

Read the rest of her post on JT's Blog here: