Thursday, August 29, 2013

Republicans Have Already Won 2016 Because...Tits

In yet the latest piece of ageist, sexist garbage, Bryan Fischer explains why Hillary Clinton cannot win the presidency in 2016.

May I take this opportunity to say, "Fuck you, Fischer!" I don't have to be a Hillary fan to see that her age and her body type have nothing to do with her ability to lead the nation. If we were going to vote based on such criteria, people like Reagan, McCain, Christie, and a plethora of others would not have been in the running. People are way more than their age or looks. Women are way more than the quality of their boobs (whatever "quality" may be). Just because you won't look beyond appearances doesn't mean the rest of us won't. 

It's easy to be angry at anonymous internet trolls who make fun of women and objectify people but here is a guy who makes his living doing it publicly. Who is the bigger jerk?