Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Award-Winning JD Returns

The winner of yesterday's award appears not to be too happy with receiving it. Instead of correcting any misconceptions we might have or explaining his positions, he has decided to indulge in personal attacks against us instead. What could be more Christian?

First, JD tries to attack Nathan for his religious upbringing and the problems that resulted from that association. Considering that Nathan has conquered the dogma of his former religion, conquered substance abuse, and is now in a happy, rewarding relationship, I don't see how JD has much ammo here. His jabs appear petty at best.

Turning to me, JD notes how I experimented with all kinds of religious systems and beliefs. What he fails to note is that I did not cling to any of them and became an atheist. I conquered those delusions as well. Then he goes on to attack my mental illness as if I am somehow still suffering from hallucinations and delusions. Apparently, he has not heard of modern medicine which keeps the symptoms at bay pretty well. He jokes about the "nuthouse" as if I should somehow be ashamed that I have spent time at hospitals trying to find the right kind of medication. The ironic thing is that most of the paranoid schizophrenics I met inside were less paranoid than JD himself.

As for the "Son of Sam" comment, my voices never told me to hoard guns, cleanse the earth of non-Christians, or that people were coming to murder me. JD appears to be able to do this without any voices other than his own delusional voice. Which is more frightening?

Finally, he uses a sort of argument from unpopularity to attack us. Our community page has only 4 likes. So what? Our blog pages has almost 20,000 hits and we think that's good for the short amount of time we've been operating. Our podcast is doing pretty well too considering that we've been sporadic with it. This argument can be brushed off like a bad case of fleas.

So, JD, I did "BLOG THIS!" and the truth is, we're all laughing at you. Nobody cares. Our page is public, your page is public...people can read all this for themselves and judge. At the end of the day, you still get the Redonkulous Redneck award and today you get a gold shiny star to stick on it.

As a personal message from me, JD, I'd like for you to know that I don't hate you. I don't want to kill you. I'm not coming to get you. I don't want to shut you up. I actually agree with some of your less extreme political positions. I think the parties are largely ignoring the Constitution to play games with us for their profit. I understand your anger, fear, and resentment toward them. 

But you need to understand that here, in the marketplace of ideas, I wage war as fiercely as anyone. I am happy to expose your pathological obsessions and to debunk your insane notions that we want you dead. The more you focus on us, the more we'll focus on you. The ball's in your court. My advice: accept your award and let it fade. Otherwise, our blog posts will double and triple. That's the way free speech works and I know, as a lover of the Constitution, you support my free speech.