Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Forced Parenthood Hydra Returns

As many of you may have seen on Facebook, I am now going to refer to the Personhood movement as the "Forced Parenthood" movement. I think this more accurately reflects what they intend. After all, if they really believed a fertilized egg was a person, then they'd investigate all miscarriages, issue death certificates for them, and count those deaths in our mortality statistics. But that's not on their agenda - all they are really interested in doing is preventing women from having access to contraception and abortion. That, my friends, is forced parenthood - the opposite of planned parenthood - and a great infringement on our liberty.

I remember during the 26 campaign how some supporters claimed that we thought children born of rape or children born with birth defects should have been aborted. Certainly, I never thought such a thing, much less said it. You can be very sure that when you oppose these new forced parenthood measures, we will be accused of saying these things again. Here is my thinking on the subject:

If I say that a woman should have aborted (or been forced to abort) her child for any reason, then I am guilty of doing the same thing that pro-forced parenthood people are doing. I'm simply desiring a different outcome. Forced parenthood supporters want to control women's choices so that they will ultimately have children. Pro-abortion supporters (and who do you know who even is one?) want to control women's choices so that they cannot have (certain) children. Same game, different outcome.

I am pro-choice. I believe that the choice, as well as the responsibility, rests with the woman and those she chooses to include. I do not want to control the outcome but recognize her liberty to decide what is in her own best interest.

It's still amazing how these "small government" people want to force parenthood through legislation and ballot initiatives. Clearly, they are in favor of penis-sized government since they constantly attempt to ram belief down our throats, shove injustice up our rears, and fill our wombs with their tainted seed. This would be a humorous comparison if not for the fact that it's an insult to the penis which is generally a fine, worthy instrument.

Mississippi's battle starts anew today and many more states are going to be confronting heads from the same hydra. Our battle tactics are the same: cut off the heads and burn the stump. Get the word out and do everything you can. You may lose some fair-weather friends but you'll find better ones just around the corner...friends and neighbors who won't go into your bedroom uninvited and will be content to let you choose if and when you wish to be a parent.

Do not be ashamed of your position. Do not cede the moral high ground. Do not let anyone go unchallenged who says that you are evil because of your views. Stand up for yourself, for your family, and for your freedom. Stand up for what's right.