Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Skepticon Fundraiser by DFFT and Twink A Dinks .

Deep-Fried FreeThinkers and Twink-A-Dinks team up for a Skepticon Fundraiser!

Hello Everyone,

Skepticon is fast approaching and Tweenky and I look forward to attending again this year. As of today 7-29-13 Skepticon has raised right around $7600 of the $40,000 they need to make Skepticon happen.

So Deep-Fried FreeThinkers and Twink-A-Dinks have teamed up to help raise funds for Skepticon. Twink-A-Dinks is graciously going to be donating 50%-75% of all profit of her "Skepticon Exclusive Dinosaur Chocolates" to Skepticon. The other 50-25% will be going towards raising funds to help get 4 more Mississippians to Skepticon this year. It is rumored that a couple hundred pounds of milk chocolate has been set aside just for this event!

So what are these "Skepticon Exclusive Dinosaur Chocolates?" Well, they are cute, little nommy chocolates that look like this: 

You get a Bronto, Steggy, Tritops and T-Rex
Awwwwww how cute!!

They will be available in the following packaged sets:

Get 2 of each (total of 8) for $10.00 + S/H - Skepticon = 50%
Get 4 of each (total of 16) for $20.00 + S/H - Skepticon = 50%
Get 6 of each (total of 24) for $25.00 + S/H - Skepticon = 50%
Get 14 of each (total of 56) for $50.00  Free S/H - Skepticon = 60%
Get 30 of each (total of 120) for $100.00 Free S/H*  - Skepticon = 75%

*The $100.00 set will have special packaging so that you can gift the chocolates to 10 others. Each package will contain 3 of each dinosaur for a total of 12 per package.

You can even gift the chocolates to someone else entirely - just leave a special notation about where you want them shipped before final check out.

Click below to join the party


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