Friday, September 9, 2011

Personhood Amendment questions no one seems to want to answer.

Taken from the following website

Loftin from Lucedale,MS posted the following:

I started this thread to see what long term effects, you might be aware of in regards to the personhood amendment.

Think about these few things:

How wil this affect the unemployment rate?

What are the reasons behind this amendment?

Have you gone to the website and read the main goal?

How will this affect minority families and low income families?

How will we feed,cloth and care for any unwanted children that are put up for adoption?

In 16 years our population will have increased, where will they work or are they cheap labor?

I see no one has even tried to answer your questions and done nothing but say off topic things, sad really.

1. "How will this affect the unemployment rate?"

 Affecting the unemployment rate may seem an odd thing to ask but really you need to look at the bigger picture. If more women become pregnant and are denied access to birth control, namely the pill, then in time we will have an influx in population and this will increase the unemployment rate if the number of jobs available doesn't increase as well.

2. "What are the reasons behind this amendment?"

 As far as we can tell this proposal does not in any way pass the Lemon law test.

 After much research on the yeson26 and personhood websites, you can find their reasoning as the following:

"Now, in November of 2011, we have the opportunity to vote on the question. When the majority of voters in November's election vote YES on 26, abortion will be outlawed in our state; cloning and other forms of medical cannibalism will be effectively stopped; and a challenge will be set up to Roe v Wade."

From PersonhoodMississippi site. 

" If Mississippians vote Yes on Amendment 26 we will be honoring God and loving our neighbors in our law system."

So they are basically wanting to overturn established law, honor god and promote their religion through law?

3. "Have you gone to the website and read the main goal?"

 Yes I have and wonder how many others got past the first few pages.

 How much of this information is actually being shared when they visit the local churches or are they only using the negative imagery of abortion while hiding the fact that birth control pills, stem cell research are to be halted?

We have met with a few people from the local baptist churches and asked about their visits and the information they shared about their cause. In fact their stand on ectopic pregnancy, birth control, stem cell research, rape and incest, cloning and RU-486 listed on their FAQs page were never mentioned in any of the information they gave at a family member's church. They just expect everyone to be sheep and go along with everything they are told, never questioning or looking at the bigger picture.

4. "How will this affect minority families and low income families?"

 All those families are in for a long hard road. Considering that the Tea-Party wants to dissolve or defund social safety nets like medicaid, welfare, WIC, etc., and this amendment wants to make effective birth control like the pill and IUDs illegal. Now you have poor families that are being forced to have a child introduced into an already suffering situation which will, in turn, breed neglect, crime, starvation, overflow of orphans.

5. How will we feed,cloth and care for any unwanted children that are put up for adoption?
6. In 16 years our population will have increased, where will they work or are they cheap labor?

Answering both of these together.

In my honest opinion this seems like a way to make people depend more on the church since the government is no longer helping if they ( the tea-party) gets their way. So further down the road, the churches have refilled their pews with these needy people and provided cheap labor for society. This sounds all too familiar: hmmm, oh yea, now I remember this sounds a lot like the German nazi power and Hitler's political policies he promised in 1932 - where women's rights as a person were basically stripped and they became property.

"In the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) programme of 25 points published in 1920 stated that it disapproved of women working. Adolf Hitler claimed that the emancipation of women was a slogan invented by Jewish intellectuals. He argued that for the German woman her "world is her husband, her family, her children, and her home."

"During the election campaign in 1932, Adolf Hitler promised that if he gained power he would take 800,000 women out of employment within four years. "

Interestingly enough though is the idea that they (pro-personhood people) want to give a fertilized egg status as a person, but treat the woman carrying the egg as property. I say property because they want to remove a woman's choice in the matter, when it concerns her body. Under this amendment if there are complications during pregnancy their policy is "sound medical practice would dictate that every effort be made to save both lives." . Apparently they have had no medical training or education on an Ectopic Pregnancy (pic). The chances of detaching an egg from the fallopian tube and re-attaching it in the uterus is practically zero.