Monday, September 19, 2011

When I Choose...

When I choose abstinence:

You tell me everybody's doing it and I should too.

You tell me I would do this for you if I loved you.

You tell me you'll still respect me in the morning.

You tell me you're going back to your old girlfriend because at least she'll do it.

You get me drunk, slip a drug in my drink, or just hold me down and force me to do it.

When I choose to use condoms:

You tell me you don't like condoms.

You tell me you can't feel anything.

You tell me they don't even work.

When I choose to use birth control pills or IUDs:

You don't offer to use a condom to protect me from disease.

You ignore me or make fun of me when I have side effects like weight gain or mood swings.

You tell me "the Pill kills" as if preventing pregnancy is the same as murder.

When I choose to have an abortion:

You don't step up and take responsibility for your part.

You tell me half-truths and lies about the risk of abortion.

You don't care if my life is in immediate danger.

You don't care if my unborn child is already dead.

You don't care if I was just brutally raped by a stranger or molested by my grandfather.

You never offer your support.

When I choose to have a baby:

You tell me I'm a slut and a sinner for not being married. You never blame the child's father.

You tell me I shouldn't get Medicaid to pay my prenatal expenses.

You tell me I shouldn't get welfare assistance to feed and clothe my child.

You tell me I shouldn't get any accommodation in the workplace to take my child to the doctor.

You tell me I'm a drain on society and everything that's going wrong is laid at my feet.

No matter what I choose to do, you're never satisfied. Why then should I listen to you any more?