Friday, September 23, 2011

Wise Up, Boys!

I've appealed to women, families, and people of reason. Now I'm going to appeal to all you guys out there who enjoy getting laid. There are a few reasons why guys who enjoy sex should not support initiative 26. I want to give you my thoughts straight out with no sugar-coating on why a single male should care about this issue and vote NO on 26.

1. Women who are not using any sort of birth control, cannot get easy access to birth control, or are afraid to use birth control will be more likely to get pregnant. That means you, as the father, will be either marrying the girl or paying child support until the kid is 18. That's a big shutdown of whatever partying you plan to be doing. And don't think it's so easy to squirm out of that responsibility. The court can subpoena you for a paternity test and DNA doesn't lie. You can try to run from the state but sooner or later they will find you. The chances of you becoming a daddy too soon are increased when women lose the right to choose.

2. Women who cannot get access to oral contraceptives or who fear using them will have to resort to condoms instead. I know that a lot of men don't like them and don't want to use them. Even if you are in a monogamous relationship with your girlfriend or wife, she may feel she has no choice but to start using condoms. I'd be irresponsible if I didn't encourage everyone who is engaged in casual or non-monogamous sex to use condoms regardless but I think the point still stands. 

3. Teen girls living in very religious or strict households who get pregnant may have difficulty communicating their situation to their families. It is possible that a scared young girl might be so afraid to tell her parents that she's been having sex that she would claim she was seduced or forced. It's also possible that if the girl told her parents the truth, the parents might completely deny that their princess could be sexually active and decide that you drugged her, forced her, or took advantage of her. People do strange things when they are terrified and you don't want a statutory rape or capital rape charge against you because your girlfriend couldn't easily get on the pill or was afraid to get caught with it.

Let me be very clear in saying here that I do not mean to suggest that women often or even frequently make up rape. I do not believe that at all. I take rape claims very, very seriously (having been sexually assaulted before myself). I'm simply saying that sometimes, under extreme circumstances, these things can occur and people need to take all precautions to be safe and responsible.

So, guys, if you're still in your prime and playing the field, I ask you to consider the consequences of 26. It can do more than cramp your style - it can destroy your future. I encourage all young men out there to take care of themselves and look out for the ladies in their lives too. Be safe, responsible, and honest.