Saturday, October 22, 2011

Because I Say So

If there's one thing a rational person hates, it's the appeal to authority. You'll find it employed by parents who don't want to parent, teachers who don't want to teach, and pastors who don't have any answers that they care to share.

In this video, we look at some of the arguments from authority from the BECAUSE I SAID SO crowd and give them their due. We believe that some people are so caught up in themselves, so in love with being on the "right side," that they've lost the ability to reason and to change. Let's be real here, the only way a person can reasonably think s/he is entitled to impose beliefs and values on everyone is if that person thinks s/he is absolutely right. My kids are beautiful, my pregnancy went fine, I waited until I was married, I never got caught, I have the right religion, I have a real relationship with God unlike those other folks, My pastor said so, I just personally believe've heard it all before. Those are justifications, not arguments, and they aren't worth a damn.

Watch your headsets as you thrash about in the milieu of self-centered assuredness to the beats of Duir's Killer. And for the kinder, gentler folk, we've included a vintage photo from the Deutsche Fotothek.

Most importantly, remember: nothing is true just because we say so!