Sunday, October 30, 2011

Learn Some Logic!

School's in session, folks! Sit up and pay attention.

No pencils and paper? Don't worry. If you're here, you're probably living in the 21st century with the rest of us and you don't need it. For those still using oil lamps, quills, and such...well, you may have a problem.

Please enjoy our collection of logical fallacies committed by Yeson26, not as a part of their campaign, but as the totality of their campaign. Some of these, especially the appeal to authority, can be part of a legitimate argument but standing on these alone doth not a conclusive argument make. Yet we do it all the time and we fall for these all the time. Why? Because our brains aren't perfectly logical computing machines - they are simply organs evolved to do the best they can to survive (and survival does not equal logical perfection).

We kept the music a bit lower for this video since more reading is required (and we are working to get away from text and into voice as soon as possible) but I hope if you like the song, you'll listen to it a second time and enjoy the very appropriate lyrics by StatueofDiveo:

Welcome to a world,
Where you will never be alone;
You will never leave,
You will never go back home.

There's nothing you can do,
You are under our control;
Watch as we destroy you,
and take away your soul.

Welcome to a world,
Where you are under our command;
We have infinite power,
Too much to comprehend.

Ripping you to shreds,
With forces nobody can stand;
Wait until you see
All the delights that we have planned.

Welcome to the black hole...

[Additional sound effects by: Digifish]