Saturday, October 8, 2011

To Err on the Side of Life

How many times lately have I heard some mealy-mouthed supporter of 26 say, "Well, I don't know anything about [insert fact here], but I'm going to err on the side of life."? If you've been participating at all in this conversation, I'm sure you've seen or heard that defense more than once.

The only problem is that it's largely untrue. Now, granted, there are a few people out there - probably mostly Catholics - who have thought about it and they really do mean what they say. I recognize that and I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about the rest of the crowd who is pulling out their hair about "life" when it comes to the unborn but doesn't give a damn about what happens to that "life" once it comes into this world. 

You know these folks: they are the ones that want to cut funding for vital social safety nets for mothers and children in need. No more medicaid, no more CHIPs, no more welfare, no more food stamps - why can't these sluts just keep their legs closed? No more money for education - why are these useless kids graduating with no knowledge and no skills? No more money for unemployment or college aid - let these loser kids sign up for the military. Might make a man out of 'em. We didn't breed 'em, don't need 'em, & ain't gonna feed 'em. 

Sure, let's sign these unwanted, problem kids up for "overseas adventures." Let's give them inferior training, subpar equipment, and send them to the desert for our ideology. Let's order them to drop bombs and shoot guns on brown children. Let's blow off those kids' arms and legs because they aren't "life." They don't count. And when those veterans come back from war, let's take away their government-run healthcare and cut off their access to mental health services so they can't recover from the trauma. Well, it's not trauma really. If the "life" is a different color, a different religion, or speaks a strange language, then it's not really a life, right?

And if one of those kids is arrested through sloppy police work, no worries. He was probably guilty of something. So what if his Fourth Amendment rights were violated? We need to make sure we're safe! So what if he's wrongly convicted and sent to death row? Are we going to "err on the side of life" like we've always claimed? Hell, no! Stick the needle in his arm and be damned because justice must be done. Someone's gotta pay.

Folks, don't let 26 supporters get away with saying this. Most of them are NOT willing to "err on the side of life" when that life is already born. Press them. Ask them. Make them clarify their position. Expose this lie for what it is. Most of these people are not willing to throw any kind of life preserver to those already-born who are in need. I think we deserve to know why not.